Whitesnake - Trouble (1978)

Artist: Whitesnake
Album: Trouble
Released: 1978
Style: Rock
Format: MP3 128Kbps

1.Take Me With You (Coverdale, Moody) 4:45
2.Love To Keep You Warm (Coverdale) 3:44
3.Lie Down (A Modern Love Song) (Coverdale, Moody) 3:14
4.Day Tripper (Lennon, McCartney) 3:47 (Beatles Cover)
5.Night Hawk (Vampire Blues) (Marsden, Coverdale) 3:39
6.The Time Is Right For Love (Marsden, Coverdale, Moody) 3:26
7.Trouble (Marsden, Coverdale) 4:48
8.Belgian Tom's Hat Trick (Moody) 3:26
9.Free Flight (Marsden, Coverdale) 4:06
10.Don't Mess With Me (Marsden, Dowle, Coverdale, Lord, Moody, Murray) 3:25

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