1997 Spaghetti I - Duck You Suckers (160kB)

Time 43:33
01.Hank Ray & Thee Executioneers - Outlaw Kill.mp3
02.The Hellbenders - Have A Good Funeral.mp3
03.Dm Bob & The Deficits - Bandido Mexicano.mp3
04.Death Valley - Larry Storch Trilogy.mp3
05.The Daytonas - Baked Beans & Chicken.mp3
06.The Charles Napiers - A Fistful Of Pasta.mp3
07.The Penetrators - 40 Miles To Vengeance.mp3
08.The Plantronics - Los Diablos.mp3
09.Pollo Del Mar - Playa Pistola.mp3
10.Brazil 2001 - Cactus.mp3
11.The Falcons - El Nino.mp3
12.The Space Hobos - Mexas.mp3
13.Mark Brodie & The Beaver Patrol - Bitch.mp3
14.The Satelliters - El Loco De La Sierra.mp3
15.Hank Ray & Thee Exectioneers - There's A Pale Moon.mp3

1999 Spaghetti II - Revenge(320kB)

Time 51:17
01.Los Banditos - Django.mp3
02.The Hellbenders - Gunman left standing.mp3
03.The Prodigals - Sharkskin buffalo.mp3
04.The Falcons - Sombrero del Diablo.mp3
05.The OK Kings - Last requiem.mp3
06.String Phantoms - The holy land.mp3
07.Death Valley - Arnold?s wild ride.mp3
08.The Surfdusters - Lonely Spanish hotel.mp3
09.Lonestar - Sundown.mp3
10.Bravo Komatsu - Macaroni.mp3
11.Thee Phantom 5ive - The Outlaw.mp3
12.The Oddballs Band - Sin afeitar y callado.mp3
13.The Plantronics - Cactus your ass.mp3
14.Cadillac Hitmen - Desert floor.mp3
15.Los Rancheros - Lonewolf gangster.mp3
16.Hank Ray & Thee Executioneers - Flamingo sunset.mp3

2004 Spaghetti III - See Ya In Hell(320kB)

Time 40:41
01.Stef&Arno - Loco.mp3
02.The Sandblasters - Big Sky.mp3
03.The Woodies - Diamonds.mp3
04.Guitar Junkie - Tarantula Blues.mp3
05.The Jars - Mexican Lowrider.mp3
06.Surfpatrouille - Venus Polka Pussy Riot.mp3
07.Hank Ray & Thee Executioneers - Satanic Freak Of The Western Westelands.mp3
08.Rubens & The Barrichellos - Once Upon A Time In The West.mp3
09.The Tremolo Beer Gut - Shabby Moscow Tremolo.mp3
10.Los Banditos - Ich Brauch Geld.mp3
11.The Kilaueas - Modero Negra.mp3
12.The Dead Barons - Two Peso Whore.mp3
13.Campfire Killers - High Plains Drifter.mp3
14.Kim - La Grande Traverse.mp3

2002 For a Few Guitars More (A Tribute To Morricone's Spaghetti Western Themes) (224kB)

Time 53:37
01.The Penetrators - Guns Don't Argue.mp3
02.Bradipos IV - Titoli.mp3
03.Dave Wronski - For a Fistful of Dollars.mp3
04.Cosmonauti - For A Few Dollars More.mp3
05.Brent J. Cooper - Sixty Seconds to What.mp3
06.The Langhorns - The Vice of Killing.mp3
07.The Atlantics - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.mp3
08.3 Balls of Fire - The Ecstacy of Gold.mp3
09.The Bambi Molesters - Gun For Ringo.mp3
10.The Irreversible Slacks - The Big Gundown.mp3
11.Pollo Del Mar - Navajo Joe.mp3
12.The Hellbenders - The Hellbenders.mp3
13.Kim Humphreys - The Great Silence.mp3
14.In The West - Once Upon A Time In The West.mp3
15.Bernard Yin & David Arnson - As A Judgement.mp3
16.Di Dollari - Farewell To Cheyene.mp3
17.Davie Allan - The Loud, The Loose, And The Savage.mp3