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No More Mr. Nice Guy! [MP3]

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Utilizzando la tecnologia aliena che hanno recuperato, le nazioni della Terra hanno collaborato per la realizzazione di un immenso programma di difesa per proteggere tutto il pianeta. Ma nulla ci poteva preparare alla potenza e all'immaginabile forza dell'invasione aliena.

No More Mr. Nice Guy! [MP3]
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    No More Mr. Nice Guy! [MP3]

    No More Mr. Nice Guy!

    Written by: Robert A. Glover

    Narrated by: Robert O'Keefe
    Length: 6 hrs and 39 mins
    Format: Unabridged
    Release Date:07-27-06
    Publisher: Recorded Books
    Program Type: Audiobook

    Publisher's Summary

    Dr. Rober A. Glover has a Ph.D in marriage and family therapy and is co-director of the Center for Healing and Recovery in Washington state.
    In No More Mr. Nice Guy!, he presents a guide to creating a healthy and satisfying life. Dr. Glover believes there are men who suffer what he calls the "Nice Guy Syndrome". These men listen, offer advice, and jump at the chance to help. But no matter how hard they try to please others, their own lives are incomplete.
    Here Dr. Glover offers guidance on how to take back control. He suggests ways to achieve fulfillment in emotional, physical, and professional relationships. By redefining his priorities, any man can create the life he always wanted.
    2000, 2003 Robert Glover; (P)2004 Record

    No More Mr. Nice Guy is a GREAT book However, the title is misleading, the purpose of the book is to boost confidence and help men reclaim power in their lives, it does not make men jerks. The author points out that you are the only person on this planet responsible for your needs, wants, and happiness. By boosting a man's confidence and ensuring the man's needs are met, women are naturally more attractive to these men. The greatest aphrodisiac is self-confidence.

    The characteristics of "Nice Guys" are men who have difficulty setting boundaries in relationships with women and become doormats. The men often feel as helpless victims and seeing another person as the cause of problems. Many nice guys live life trying to gain approval for others.

    Many nice guys did not have their needs met as boys. As a coping mechanism to try to get their needs met, they try to be nice. Later in life, Nice Guys apply the skills learned as a boy in dealing with women - by being nice - it does not work. When being nice does not work, the Nice Guys try to be even nicer.

    Men need to set healthy boundaries in relationships with women. Avoiding conflicts in relationships is problematic - Women do not feel safe with a man they know they can push around. A woman wants to know you will stand up to her. That is how she will feel secure in the relationship. There is a catch - she has to test to see if she can trust you. When you set a boundary, she may strongly test and push against the boundary. She will tell you that you are wrong for having the boundary and do her best to find out if the boundary is for real. Generally, when women feel secure, they feel loved. When a man stands up to a woman, she believes he will likely stand up for her

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