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Money v4.1.1 Gestione Finanze

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Money v4.1.1 Gestione Finanze
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    Money v4.1.1 Gestione Finanze
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    Money v4.1.1 Gestione Finanze

    Money v4.1.1

    Money ? un'app per la gestione delle proprie finanze...

    Money: easy on the eyes. Easy to use. Plenty of features designed to help you keep control of your financial life.
    Your money comes and goes from your wallet, your bank account, and your share-trading account. How do you keep track of it all? Because Money 4 supports so many different types of accounts, you can neatly capture every detail. Create separate accounts for your bank accounts, cash, credit cards, investments, and loans to balance your accounting with grace.
    Repeating the same transactions every week or month can be seriously frustrating. Go to Scheduler to create recurring transactions and select the next date and frequency. Opt for automatic payments so that the transactions are added to Money 4 without your even noticing. Alternatively, choose to add them yourself: this way, you will never forget to pay your bills, as Money 4 displays an alert for overdue payments.

    Money 4 features very fast report generation. To make sure all your needs are met, Money 4 offers thirteen types of reports, including Spending by Category, Net Worth, Budget, and more. Adjust the date range, accounts to be used, relevant chart type, or other details, and see your financial situation appear right before your eyes.

    For some, it?s like breathing, but most people need help planning their budgets. Trust us; this is actually simple with Money 4. Simply set your target revenues and expenses for each month. Afterwards, compare your targets with the actual outcome with the Budget Monitor bars.

    The Portfolio feature has been expanded to take in even more key information on one page. Follow all your investment accounts together with important market information for a well-rounded view. On the main page of Portfolio, you can see a table of your shares, a graph of a selected security's quote history, variations of Portfolio market values, top losers and gainers in the market, major world?s indices, and currency rate fluctuations. Be your own portfolio manager with minimal time and effort.

    REQUIREMENTS Intel, Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later

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