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Macroplant Phone to Mac v. Eng

Independence Day-Rigenerazione (2016)

Utilizzando la tecnologia aliena che hanno recuperato, le nazioni della Terra hanno collaborato per la realizzazione di un immenso programma di difesa per proteggere tutto il pianeta. Ma nulla ci poteva preparare alla potenza e all'immaginabile forza dell'invasione aliena.

Macroplant Phone to Mac v. Eng
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    Macroplant Phone to Mac v. Eng

    Macroplant Phone to Mac v4.3.3.8 Mac OS X | 11.7 MB

    Phone to Mac (formerly "Pod to Mac") is an iPod, iPad or iPhone to Mac transfer software that lets users transfer iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod songs, playlists, videos, tv shows and much more to a Mac and into iTunes. Phone to Mac can rip music from all iPods and iPhones works with or without jail-breaking.

    Copy from iPod, iPad & iPhone to Mac
    Easily transfer songs, movies and more from any iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone or even iPad onto you computer and into iTunes.

    Automatic Transfer to iTunes
    If your starting your iTunes library from scratch or want to move everything from an iPod or iPhone into iTunes, there's the Automatic Transfer button. With one swift click, this button will quickly transfer all songs and playlists from your iPod or iPhone into iTunes.

    Recover Ratings, Playcounts and More
    Want to show off how many times you've listened to that Britney Spears song? With Phone to Mac, play counts, ratings (out of 5 stars), and other tags are transferred along with your songs.


    Transfer Playlists from iPod to iTunes
    With Phone to Mac you can almost instantly copy a playlist from anyone's iPod or iPhone. Simply select the playlist's tracks and then click transfer. Phone to Mac then recreates the playlist copying music when needed and avoiding duplicates if the track is already in iTunes.

    Search iPod, iPad and iPhone for Music
    Got 10,000 tracks on your iPod but only want to copy an album? Phone to Mac lets you quickly find the tracks you're looking for with a search bar and filter option.

    Recover Pictures and Photos
    Phone to Mac even offers picture transfer and recovery for the iPhone and iPod Touch! Preview thumbnails, drag and drop individual images or copy entire albums with the touch of a button!

    Address Book
    Looking for a way to transfer contacts from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your PC? Simply drag contacts to the Desktop or drop them directly into Outlook.

    SMS and Notes
    Need a specific text message or note from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch on your computer? Copy and manage your SMS and notes all on your PC.

    Crash Recovery Solution
    If your computer crashed or you just bought a new one, Phone to Mac is the ideal solution to move your music back on to the computer. Simply download, install and click auto-transfer and everything will be back the way it was before.

    Prevent Duplicates
    Before you've even connected your iPod or iPhone, Phone to Mac knows which tracks are in iTunes and (unless you tell it otherwise), it's not going to copy a duplicate into iTunes.

    Drag and Drop to Computer
    The quickest way to get files directly from your iPod, iPad or iPhone is the highly intuitive drag and drop feature which we've built in. This feature lets you quickly copy songs, videos, images and more!

    Call History, Web History
    Browse and sort through your Call and Web history. Access, browse and save your Safari bookmarks.

    Keep those important dates by browsing through your Calendar.

    Play Music & Video without iTunes
    Want to play music without using iTunes? Phone to Mac lets you listen to music and movies on any iPod without having to transfer it into your iTunes library.

    Automatic Upgrades
    With constant iPod and iPhone upgrades, Phone to Mac is updated quite frequently to to keep up with Apple and also to add new features and bug fixes.. With its built in update framework, Phone to Mac lets you know when an update is available and makes installing the updates nearly seamless .

    Copy Voicemails
    Listen to that important voicemail message directly on your computer. Then backup and store your voicemails on your PC.

    Backup Browser
    Browse thru your iTunes backups

    Download Link:
    ** Contenuto Nascosto: Schiaccia il bottone RINGRAZIA per visualizzare i link **

    Se si tratta di un app Mac AppStore estraete SOLO con Stuffit Expander se no non Funzioner?!
    usare stuffit expander o WinRar 4.01 per l'estrazione! Le altre app non funzionano bene!
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    ma perché safari non trova il link?

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