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Left 4 Dead 2 v2.0.9.8 2009/RUS/ENG/RePack

The Legend Of Tarzan (2016)

Sono trascorsi molti anni da quando l’uomo, una volta conosciuto come Tarzan ha lasciato la giungla africana per tornare ad una vita imborghesita come John Clayton III, Lord Greystoke, con al suo fianco l’amata moglie Jane.

Left 4 Dead 2 v2.0.9.8 2009/RUS/ENG/RePack
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    Left 4 Dead 2 v2.0.9.8 2009/RUS/ENG/RePack
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    Left 4 Dead 2 v2.0.9.8 2009/RUS/ENG/RePack

    Left 4 Dead 2 v2.0.9.8 (2009/RUS/ENG/RePack

    2009 | PC | English/Russian | Developer: Valve Software | Publisher: Akella | 7.26GB
    Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person / Horror

    The long awaited continuation of the cooperative shooter Left 4 Dead, recognized by many publications best game of the year 2008 in its genre. At this time, you along with friends to pass through the city, swamps and cemeteries of the American South from the port of Savannah to New Orleans during the five large campaigns. You play as one of four surviving heroes who have a wide range of all kinds of weapons, like the classic design, and advanced modifications. In addition to the firearms you will be able to deal with the ghouls and in my own way, like a man, picking up a chainsaw, axes or deadly horrific shattering ... pan! Yes, now dead finally have a thing to fear! Henceforth, the decaying flesh, too, knows the fear! you have to use the entire arsenal against the monstrous special Infected (or playing for them in the mode Versus).
    Also, you will meet with unusual normal infected, including the nightmarish madmenov (mudmen). To make a mad L4D gameplay even more furious, Director (AI Director), artificial intelligence, monitor your actions in the original game and correct the environment on the basis of this analysis has now reached the next level 2.0! From now on, it changes the weather, the population of zombies, their behavior, the different effects and sounds based on your behavior more effectively. Director tune L4D2 to your style of play. You just have to remember in time to pull the trigger or clobber monstryatinu those that came to hand.

    Features RePacka
    Do not cut / no recoded
    To extract the required 1GB of RAM
    Installation of additional software (optional)
    Ability to enter the nickname in the late installation of the game; program used UltimateNameChanger
    Repak based on a licensed version of Akella
    Patch the game: (There are all DLC, at the time of renewal repack)
    Author repack Sp.One

    History of Patches
    Changes in version Revised the density of objects
    Various minor fixes
    Dead Air 2 Crane:
    Fixed a bug where the tooltip to Crane appeared at the beginning of the maps, instead of places near
    Fixed effect when the survivors might have missed the event of a crane, jumped the fence and through the gap
    Removed the luggage carts, prevent a surviving
    Removed the action, where the survivors could jump off the roof, next to the crane, thus skipping the whole department office
    Dead Air 3 Construction Site:
    Fixed a case where the reference SI ladder blocking the door to the construction site
    Fixed an invisible wall in the closet rescue at a construction site
    Dead Air 4 Terminal:
    Fixed a bug where the tooltip Van will be displayed at the very beginning of the card, instead of directly approaching the wagon
    Added hint, calling for players to fight to the safe room when it started the onslaught
    Dead Air 5 Runway Finale
    Added info_director subject
    The machine gun replaced with a minigun L4D2 L4D1
    Death Toll 5 Boat station Finale
    Fixed a bug where the closed doors of the survivors could not be broken down with infected players before the finals
    Repak repacked on the net, updated Steam version of the game. (
    Changes in version Mutation: Headshot!
    Fixed a few missing or damaged labels in the menu of
    Fixed a long term constant error, which could lead to memory corruption and crashes when switching to levels Changes version New Mutation of the community: Confogl
    Campaign Fatal Flight
    Fixed the intro music is not playing in some campaigns
    Restored the missing sounds surviving version Changes: Fixed a bug which prevented to load addons if they contained a large number of audio files Changes Version Mutation of the encore: the Festival of torn limbs
    Added a command to rcon FCVAR_RELEASE variables: sv_rcon_minfailures, sv_rcon_minfailuretime, sv_rcon_maxfailures, sv_rcon_banpenalty and sv_rcon_log
    Fixed an issue that arose during the data about the objects
    Fixed bugs voice Survivors from Left 4 Dead 1 knell: Boat station:
    Rope fence moved closer to the pier
    Before the resurgence of infected stone placed
    Weapons with picnic tables moved to the ground beside Cold Stream: Merciless stream:
    Now to start the final part of the need to listen to the radio and open the door to a large building
    Removed the point of revival for normal infected on top of a mountain ravine after the first modified version Fixed a bug where weapon in the mutation appeared Confogl not where the author conceived
    Mutation of the encore: Aptechkopokalipsis Changes version Death Toll:
    Fixed the final accounts
    Blood Harvest The Bridge:
    Infected will appear in front of the survivors on the way to Vault
    Added a place to spawn on the hill in front of Infected Vault
    Blood Harvest The Train Station:
    Fixed ekkploit, which allowed the team to cause a wave of Infected mobs Changes in version Mutation of the encore Party Hunters
    Dead Air Crane car alarm will not turn off while youre on the street
    Dead Air: Construction Site locked the window to prevent premature attack zombie version Changes: Fixed bug where bots are not climbed into the car in the final Dark Carnival Changes in version Mutation of Encore: The Battle Survival
    Speed ??Tank now is not reduced when it is on fire
    Fixed a minor bug when voting went into effect without the agreement of both teams
    Fixed a bug where the list of add ons were not available for mouse clicks
    Now, dedicated servers are protected from some console commands that can slow down the server version Changes: Fixed server crash when the map changes Changes in version Added a mutation in The Lone shooter mode for one player. Changes in version : Fixed an exploit once again with the doors in the campaign, No Mercy Changes in version New Mutation: party hunters
    Fixed n exploit with the doors in the campaign, No Mercy
    Now the form is available from a third party in a cooperative mode
    Fixed bug where extra campaign does not always appear in the Select Campaign
    Restored support for a dedicated server for additional campaigns
    Fixed problem with rendering on MAC
    Added Russian voice in the campaign and Victim No Mercy
    Play voice set correctly changes the language to the incentive modified version Fixed several crashes. Changes in version Returned to the place of the missing subtitles
    Fixed appearance of unnecessary content from established informal campaigns.
    Returned team wait, correcting hangs at start of the game.
    Fixed several crashes. Changes in version Fixed several crashes. Changes in version (DLC 2): Added support for Mac.
    Removed some cheats with a view to third person.
    Added the content of the campaign victim.
    Added the content of the campaign No Mercy.
    Battle: Now you will be infected with a reduced time of revival in the game against a team trying to run fast (to arrange a rush) card.
    Removed the Left 4 Dead Add on Support (support for add ons are included with the new update). Changes in version Newly added mutation Battle: survival for the survival mode. Changes in version Newly added mutation No drugs! Battle Mode. Changes in version Newly added mutation Dangerous eight Changes in version Newly added mutation In pieces! co op mode. Changes in version Mutation
    Newly added to the mutation, The Last Man on Earth for one player mode (by choice of developers) Game Interface
    In the Battle added the possibility of voting for the inclusion of a general voice chat;
    In the Battle added the possibility to vote for the restart of the chapter;
    In the lobby adds the ability to vote for the launch of the game, gameplay
    In the Battle: realism with the cards removed kits and defibrillators, but the survivors begin the game with first aid kits; more campaign
    To prevent conflicts with additional campaigns in the run game is loaded only user generated content from vpk file;
    Added console command show_addon_load_order, which shows how to load vpk files, Web and Developer Tools
    In vpk files is now supported by the use of custom file sound.cache;
    Added command snd_buildsoundcachefordirectory to create a file sound.cache, which will be used to create a custom vpk file. Changes in version Added a mutation in Iron Man co op mode;
    Fixed a Russian localization. Changes in version Added a mutation In pieces! co op mode;
    Changes and corrections to the file location. Changes in version Fixed a bug in the comparison of survival, where the team can get a 5 survivors. Changes in version Added a new mutation without drug
    To batter receives 300 points for just murdered man.
    To batter gets 100 points for disabling.
    Any infected, a person who made the hang receives 50 points.
    Now that the bullet first passed through any infected before entering the Survivor are not friendly fire (Friendly Fire).
    Tanks go into stasis in their spawn and leave it only after the transfer of the player.
    Tanks will not attack until they are in stasis.
    Tanks in stasis are invisible, but especially for the aura of Infected will be displayed.
    Tanks in stasis can not be set on fire. Changes in version Added a new mutation without drugs. Changes in version Added additional protection for critical files
    Now all files are downloaded addons to connect to unofficial servers after checking mode game.
    Only approved additional maps loaded on the official server version Changes: Opened mutation Harsh Eight Changes in version Opened mutation Four swordsman
    Now in single player and cooperative user generated content will override the standard default
    Custom content of additional cards is now loaded in the first place to avoid conflicts
    In competitive mode, downloading addons is now a server option
    Fixed an exploit where users could upload and change the texture on pure servers
    The standard test matches (sonsistency checks) is now on file pack01_dir.vpk. Authors should not add directly to change himself pack01_dir, instead, they should include all the content in. Vpk file a supplement.
    The file whitelist.cfg, which was located at steamapps \ common \ left 4 dead 2 \ left4dead2 is finally set in motion. Instructions for its use inside the file itself. In general, the servers file allows the administrator to manually specify files to be inspected matches (sonsistency checks) Changes in version Added a mutation in Battle: Survival mode for survival;
    Updated graphics settings to the default built in graphics Intel HD Graphics. Changes in version The system add ons:
    Fixed crash when reaching the limit vpk files
    Fixed a case where the addon display a grid mode battles:
    Added a penalty of 25 points using a defibrillator
    Defibrillator will only appear on the long cards, and only once
    Removed the dynamic transformation of tablets kits (details in blog)
    Removed the shrapnel bullets
    Increased the damage of Jockey
    Removed the delay damage Jockey Changes in version Added a new mutation A Place for one
    Improved ability of bots to help fend off the zombie player who is staying in place
    Improved ability to maintain a bot players in the limited space version Changes: Changed the behavior of Bots survivors in the collection of items
    Bots now survivors try to stay closer to the players in all game modes
    Fixed an error in navigation in Bots survivors on the map The Passing: Riverbank
    Fixed a bug which caused Boat survivor could not stop moving when you try to save another Survivor from a Smoker
    Fixed bug due to which the Botha survivors did not want to go to the shelter
    Increased the damage done to himself at a shot from a grenade launcher
    Fixed a bug which caused the number of rounds discharged in M60, if you throw it on the ground in certain situations
    Marking of vehicles now includes even then, when the Special Infected pulls / pushes / rams Survivor, hurting the car with the alarm. This change affected only game modes, where the Special Infected are controlled by a human version Changes: Added a mutation Chainsaw Massacre for cooperative mode;
    Now in Battle Mode Special Infected bots appear within 10 seconds after the survivors left the room salvation;
    Reduced the revival of the Special Infected controlled players when the team Infected incomplete. The time difference is added to the timer the next boat in line for the revival;
    Added client console variable cl_viewmodelfovsurvivor, allowing players to change the FOV for survivors. To use the dial cl_viewmodelfovsurvivor in the console. Any number in the range 0 128. The default value is 51. Changes in version Added a mutation in The Last Man on Earth for one player mode. Changes in Version (05.22.2010): Mutation Realism Versus mode is added to the Battle list the main game modes (Battle: realism.) Version Changes: Added a mutation Last Gnome on Earth co op mode. Changes in version Added a mutation, Pursuit of gallons of collection mode. Changes in version 2.0 .1.6: Fixed cheat with the original survivors of mutation bleeding associated with throwing a first aid kits. Changes in version Fixed a bug that did not load the contents of the addon in that case, if the first mode has been busy co op;
    Fixed a bug which caused a battle mode sometimes displayed the wrong setting rules of the game, after the server goes into power save mode;
    Fixed a bug that caused the fall of a dedicated Linux server on the map, Parish Park;
    Updated text to supplement the Russian interface dlc1 Go .

    System requirements:
    > Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
    > Processor: Intel core 2 duo 2.4GHz
    > Memory: 1 GB for XP / 2GB for Vista
    > Video:: DirectX 9 compatible video card with Shader model 3.0. NVidia 7600, ATI X1600 or better
    > Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX 9.0
    > Free space on hard disk: 16 GB

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