Brett has a huge crush on Haley, the hottest girl in school, and when she asks him to do her a risky favor he decides it’s worth it for a chance to win her over. His decision calls on a mysterious stranger who introduces him to the world of Grimm Fairy Tales… A beautiful yet narcissistic princess becomes the victim of a terrible curse. A handsome servant soon realizes he might have the ability to break the spell and marry the girl of his dreams but he quickly realizes that sometimes it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie.
A teenage boy has a platonic love for a girl in his class. She manipulates him to going on an errand for her to get drugs for her friends. In so doing he picks up Sela's fairy tale book and reads the story of Sleeping Beauty. The story is similar except that Sleeping Beauty is vain and self absorbed. The caveat in this story is that the person to kiss her to wake her up from her sleep must have true love in his heart. When others try they die immediately from a curse. When the man with true love comes along Sleeping Beauty must marry but does not love him back. He finds this out eventually and it breaks his heart and he dies as well from the curse. Sleeping Beauty is forced into a sleep of a hundred years as it is impossible to love her through her own self absorption. In the modern day the young man realizes he must break his crush on the girl and returns to her with no drugs and informs her he has had enough of her.

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