A mother resents her infant son, a young girl is in jeopardy of losing her unborn child and a mysterious stranger connects the women’s souls through an abiding tale… When a desperate father lies about his daughter’s gifted ability it immediately puts the girl’s life in danger. Her only salvage may be found in a deal with a hideous dwarf who offers to help her for a tremendous price. The classic story of Rumpelstiltskin gets the Zenescope treatment and delivers yet another shocking twist for fans of this intriguing series.
Sela overhears a young woman having an argument with her boyfriend. She is pregnant but is afraid of having an abortion. Instead the boyfriend suggests that while he is not ready to be a father and have a child drag him down, that the couple should consider selling the child to a rich family. Sela interjects after he leaves and begins to tell the familiar though somewhat modified version of Rumpelstiltskin which follows the story to most of its usual plot developments, except that the evil dwarf in the end is able to not steal the princess's first born child but rather transfer his hideousness to him. The princess is devastated but she in the process she learns the value of a child, as does the young woman who had to make the choice about her unborn one.

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