Before you - gathered assembly with various Internet resources collection in order for owners of Windows 7. Subject most diverse - nature, games, anime, cars and much more ... After installing some themes you have to change everything - cursors, mouse pointers, wallpaper, sounds, start menu, icons! If you like to change the look Windows 7, so this collection - for you.
In order that would have earned the style files needed to patch the program Universal Theme Patcher! (Present in the distribution) ...
1) To do this, run the program as an administrator and click on the button patch.
2) Then restart your computer.
3) After the restart we throw all the files from the theme folder to folder ...: \ Windows \ Resources \ Themes.
4) In the "Personalization" select the installed theme.
In any case, the program Universal Theme Patcher! keeps backups of original files at any time you can restore the button "restore". To include the effect of transparency in dark themes enough to run the file Full Glass.exe (present in the distribution).