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Anatomy III Bundle (Update 11.2014) - ENG

Independence Day-Rigenerazione (2016)

Utilizzando la tecnologia aliena che hanno recuperato, le nazioni della Terra hanno collaborato per la realizzazione di un immenso programma di difesa per proteggere tutto il pianeta. Ma nulla ci poteva preparare alla potenza e all'immaginabile forza dell'invasione aliena.

Anatomy III Bundle (Update 11.2014) - ENG
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    Anatomy III Bundle (Update 11.2014) - ENG

    La più grande raccolta di app 3D4 Medical!

    Human anatomy is fundamental and foundational discipline dealing with the study of form and structure of the human body at the various stages of its development.

    Human Anatomy - the science of the structure of the human body, its organs and systems components. Human Anatomy deals with the study of the human body according to the function it performs, development and the environment. Considered impossible to represent the structure of the human body without its individual entities that perform specific functions.

    When considering the structure of the human body's first focus on the skeleton.
    Another important component of human anatomy - a muscle. Muscles are active link of the human motor system. That's muscles allow for a complete variety of movements between different units of the skeleton, human movement, fixing parts of the body in a variety of positions.
    Full functioning of the human body is impossible without internal organs. These bodies are placed inside the human body, mainly - in the core cavity (thoracic and abdominal). Thus there are also organs which are located in the neck, head and pelvic cavity.

    Brain Pro - the anatomy of the human head (brain)
    Developers from companies specializing in medical 3D4Medical professional programs developed Brain Pro), revealing a 3D visualization device of the human brain.
    Classic design, like all products from 3D4Medical, except for the additional pane on the left, for the convenience of a particular place in the human brain, of course with a thorough knowledge of the English language. Otherwise, everything classically designed as always at the highest professional level!

    Elbow Pro III - anatomy of the human hand (elbow)
    Classic usual design for all products 3D4Medical. Ease of use makes it easy to find interesting part of the elbow and see in 3D layout.

    Hand & Wrist Pro III - anatomy of the human hand (wrist)
    Functionally, the program repeats Ankle & Foot Pro III - anatomy of human legs (ankle), but instead of ankle object of study - the wrist.

    Hip Pro III - human anatomy (thigh)
    Human anatomy. "I certainly look scary things, but if I were a physician - that for me it would be necessary because of their specialty. 3D4Medical developers have made every effort to create accurate 3D models of the human thigh, not only in the program is not just the circuit, and methods of treatment of certain operating problems. "

    Of course, before every program I surveyed me with her and get acquainted with interest looked Hip Pro III one time treatment thigh where ardent without surgical intervention was healed joint with minimal external signs of interference.

    Knee Pro III - anatomy of the human legs (knee)
    Functionality Knee Pro III is exactly the same as the Ankle & Foot Pro III. Most importantly, all of these great products are primarily aimed at improving the medicine, the ability to study the problem clearly, to understand subtle details and wound on a mustache :). Developers 3D4Medical attached to this maximum effort for little money for software such narrow areas.

    Externally - classic design, the familiar navigation, but the object of consideration "knee" in all sorts of positions and tissue layers.

    iMuscle - program for the gym
    Most people dream of a beautiful figure and a healthy lifestyle. It is clear that the subject is endless and very interesting. Developers 3D4Medical.com, LLC have tried their best and did a versatile tool for both novice and pro.
    Unfortunately the program only in English, but intuitive. Visually consists of two halves - the left and right navigation part, where all the necessary information. Right offers a detailed view of part of the body.
    Select part of the body in which we want to know the device and muscle exercises for them. Choose a point on the muscles, the program will show all sorts of exercises for the area dividing them into: basic exercises and additional exercises to stretch the muscles.
    Selecting one of the exercise program in a 3D video will show how to implement it (statement of hands legs back and amplitude - this is important). Just as you have already guessed, the program will help to study the structure of the body, to understand the basic functioning of the muscles and their role in our body, what else is undoubtedly one huge plus iMuscle.
    In this function the program does not end and we can make for themselves or for others personal training program. Simply put - to make the order of exercises and training them to control.

    Shoulder Pro III - anatomy of the human hand (shoulder)
    For medical students or just people interested in anatomy, the company is developing a focused 3D4Medical medical software to visually show the work of the joints, the detailed structure of the body and how to treat injuries.
    Another useful tool Shoulder Pro III, gathered valuable information on the structure of the human shoulder. Design and management of the program remains the same in the classic style of all manufactured products 3D4Medical.

    Essential Anatomy 3
    The app contains a wealth of information about the structure of the human body, but not looking at it to understand it is very simple. Main desktop program consists of three components: the right menu, the model of the skeleton and the left menu.
    In the right menu for 9 major systems of the human body: muscles, arteries, veins, nervous system, connective tissue, respiratory system, the digestive system, urinary system and lymphatic system.

    ** Contenuto Nascosto: Schiaccia il bottone RINGRAZIA per visualizzare i link **

    ** Contenuto Nascosto: Schiaccia il bottone RINGRAZIA per visualizzare i link **

    Se ti piace il mio lavoro, aiutami rinnovando il tuo abbonamento premium tramite il mio referral!

    Audax Fortuna Iuvat
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